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First Name: Alexandria
Last Name: Jasek

Subject: GiveUsAReview
Message: Jonathan was a huge help in ensuring I found an apartment that was right for me. He is very knowledgeable of the area and informative on questions I had such as parking, safety, and things to do.

July 2019 , Customer Review

Message: Frank was an amazing professional to work with during my apartment search process. Responsive, understanding, and going the extra mile, made this stressful process one that was seamless. I can't thank the staff here enough! I found an apartment that I love!

July 2019 by Harborview Properties- Customer Review , Subject: Give Us A Review- Tiffany Blake

"Harborview Properties made my rental search seamless! They found me an apartment within 3 days which was not very easy because I had a dog and a fast time frame. Jonathan was very responsive to my initial inquiry about an apartment rental, and took the time to find out just what I was looking for. He complied a list of several apartments meeting my requirements, and drove me around to view them. Most of them were privately listed in my price range. When I decided to rent one of the apartments I had viewed, he was quick to finalize arrangements. His courteous and efficient service was way beyond my expectations."

June 2019 by S Klumacki , 06/18/2018

"I''ve done business with Jonathan on multiple occasions. He was honest, helpful, and knowledgable. Anyone who does business with him will have a great time. Professional and prompt at every turn."

June 2019 by Kevin Downing , 06/21/2018

"Jonathan Flatow is the best! He made it possible for me & my family to receive a new home. He’s genuine & supportive & definitely cares about a person well being. He built a relationship with us & was there until the end!!"

June 2019 by Charlotte Goddard , 05/24/2018

"Jonathan was amazing. He was very professional and walked me through everything from the beginning to the end. Im extremely satisfied with the service they provided. Thank you"

June 2019 by Charani Ikram , 03/15/2019

"Great experience and super helpful! Frank and Jonathan helped me find an apartment that met all my commuting needs and was within my price range. Both agents were courteous, knowledgeable, and highly professional and I would recommend Harborview Properties to anyone looking to move the Westchester area because they made finding an apartment quick and painless!"

June 2019 by Sam , 06/09/2019

"When I got the office Cynthia and Jonathan were both there and had gone through listings that they thought I would love. We headed to New Rochelle first and I LOVED the unit. Then we went to Harrison and saw an equally nice unit. What''s funny is that when Jonathan and I were in White Plains, he could tell that I did not like what he was showing me. He kept mentioning a unit in New Rochelle and that ended up being the place I decided on calling home. I left them with an application fee and the deposit. They called me on Monday to tell me that an identical unit would be available on for a discounted rate and so I went with that offer. I plan to purchase within the year and will definitely seek their assistance when I''m ready."

June 2019 by Harborview Properties Customer Review , 01/10/2017

"My experience with them was positive, and more importantly I found the realtors to be trustworthy. Jonathan is highly knowledgeable about the properties in the area. At some point it appeared that he knew every stipulation for every building in the Westchester area. I had confidence he would find me the right place, as he ultimately did, which made the process of moving relatively stress-free. I worked briefly with Margo who''d I describe as one of the nicest, most sincere realtor you''ll ever meet. i am planning to buy within a year and will definitely return to Harborview. I highly recommend them, and assure you that you will be in good hands!"

June 2019 by Harborview Properties Customer Review , 05/05/2017

"Superb agency! Jonathan Flatow worked around my schedule to show me the apartment, answer any questions and help expedite lease signing process in less than a week from first inquiry!"

June 2019 by Harborview Properties Customer Review , 05/25/2017